Monday, May 25, 2009

Evaluation Feedback and Stakhanovist Research Profiles

Every year, after the Spring semester, we receive a report with our annual evaluation, together with feedback and advice for career improvement (some written, some verbal). Part of the feedback that I received this year:
  1. You get too many best paper awards, and you do not have that many journal papers. You may want to write more journal papers instead of spending so much time polishing the conference papers that you send out.
  2. You are a member of too many program committees. You may consider reviewing less and write more journal papers instead.
I guess that having a Stakhanovist research profile (see the corresponding ACM articles) is a virtue after all.

(*) Alexey Stakhanov was a miner in Soviet Union, who cut 102 tons of coal during a six-hour shift with a pneumatic drill, when the average production being 6-7 tons. Stakhanov's record created the Stakhanovite movement where workers were encouraged to exceeded production targets, typically trying to overcome previous production records.