Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Top Requesters on Mechanical Turk

Today I had a chat with Dahn Tamir about all things MTurk. He was particularly interested in the archive of all requesters that I have collected over the last 7 months. So, I queried the database, computed some basic statistics and sent him the results.

Then I thought: why not exporting the live results as well? A few php lines later, the leaderboard with the top Mechanical Turk requesters was born and is now available at

You can see for each requester the total number of projects they have posted on Mechanical Turk since January 2009, the total number of HITs, and the total value of the posted HITs. If you are also interested in whether the requester is still active, you can see when was the last time that they posted a HIT.

By clicking on their names, you can see the archive of the last 100 tasks that they have posted and by clicking at the requesterid you get to Amazon and you can see the tasks that are available now.