Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tutorial on Crowdsourcing and Human Computation

Last week, together with Praveen Paritosh from Google, we presented a 6-hour tutorial at the WWW 2011 conference, on crowdsourcing and human computation. The title of the tutorial was "Managing Crowdsourced Human Computation".

My slides from the tutorial are available now on Slideshare:

Once Praveen gets clearance from Google, we will post his slides as well.

Judging from all the crap that I get to review lately, I was getting pessimistic about the quality of research on crowdsourcing. However, while preparing the tutorial, I realized the massive amount of high-quality research that is being published. We had 6 hours for the tutorial, and we did not have enough time to cover many really interesting papers. I had to refer people to other, more "specialized" tutorials (e.g., on linguistic annotation, on search relevance, etc), which I mention at the end of the slides.

Special thanks go to my PhD student, Jing Wang, for her slides on market design, Matt Lease for his excellent list of pointers for crowdsourcing resources, Omar Alonso for his tutorial slides on crowdsourcing for search relevance, Alex Quinn and Ben Bederson for their survey on human computation, and Winter Mason for sharing his slides from his CSDM keynote. And all the other researchers for making crowdsourcing and human computation an exciting field for research!

Last but not least: Luis von Ahn with Edith Law will be presenting another tutorial on human computation during AAAI, in San Francisco on August 8th. We will be organizing the HCOMP 2011 workshop in conjunction with AAAI as well! The submission deadline is April 22nd! Do not forget to submit!